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Effective Communication For Managers With PCM
Course Code: CRS-N-0043210
Seminar Description
Process Communication Model (PCM) ® developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler, asserts that a person’s behaviour comes from his personality and is predictable. In difficult situations, they abandon learned behaviour, resulting in self-sabotaging patterns. With PCM®, you can effectively U-turn negative behaviour into positive leadership and allow for supportive intervention.
Course Objectives
  1. Develop positive leadership and communication agility
  2. Avoid mismanagement due to poor working relationships
  3. Decode failure mechanism patterns of bosses, peers and staff
Course Outline
  1. Examine root causes of mismanagement
  2. Establish trust in relationship with 6 contact perceptions
  3. Recognize personality structure, strengths and distress behaviours
  4. U-turn negative behaviours using psychological motivators
  5. Construct your personality structure
Seminar Details

Fee: S$470 @ pax (with profile report and manual)
Date of next seminar: Thursday, 25 October 2018
Closing Date: Thursday, 18 October 2018
Venue: TBA
Seminar Hours: 830 am to 5 pm (1 day)
Maximum Class Size: 12 pax
Full payment of the seminar fee must be made with every registration.

Pre-Course Work
Learners must complete the online Personality Pattern Inventory (PPI) questionnaire by Monday, 10 September 2018.
3 Easy Ways To Register
Course Facilitator
Thomas Lai is a certified PCM® trainer with Kahler Communications Inc., USA. With more than 25 years’ HRD experience, he has trained with organizations from 20 industries from Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar and Malaysia.  A certified ACTA trainer he is also a Motivational Interviewing facilitator. Thomas is the MD of PCM Consulting.
Course Suitability
C-Suite, Business Owners, Management Team, HR, Medical Personnel, Counsellors, Social Workers & Educators etc

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