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PCM® Seminars

Discover PCM® (1 day)

In this seminar you will discover your personality type and structure. You will be given details about your base and phase personality, be aware how your loved ones and friends view the world and how you can shift into their worlds with ease. We do have our bad days but learning to move from distress behaviour to positive communication is crucial. The key is to know your Psychological Needs and Motivators. You will have hands on experience to know the difference between profiles.

Building Quality Teams with PCM® (2 days.  This seminar can be taught in 4-hour modules)

An overview of Drexler-Sibbet Team performance model and Patrick Lencioni’s the 5 Dysfunctions of a team set the pace for this seminar. By adopting PCM® toolkits, you will gain insights about yourself and your abilities as a team communicator and personalize your communication style to each Personality Type in your teams. The six major conflicts of groups are identified and formulas are presented to resolve them and enhance relationship and productivity.

PCM® Seminar 1: Core Topics (3 days)

Our standard 3 days interactive experiential learning seminar is geared for managers seeking personal or professional development in communication, conflict resolution and engagement building. Participants will gain fresh insights into theirs, colleagues or loved ones’ personality type by looking into their character strength, communication preferences, working styles and environment, career choices, psychological needs, phase personality, levels of distress sequence and its respective behaviours. We will also discuss plans for personal and professional success.

Who should attend?

Everyone who deals with others in the workplace stands to benefit from these seminars, especially those in management and leadership positions. Organizations undergoing corporate transformation or experiencing high attrition or conflict are encouraged to adopt PCM® tools to strengthen employer-employee engagement. Individuals, HR recruiters, and counsellors considering alternative psychometric assessment tool, are encouraged to participate in our workshop.

PCM® For Educators Seminar (from 1 to 3 days)

For years educators have extolled the benefits of a positive student-teacher relationship that instils in students a desire to learn and to minimize negative behaviours in the classroom. Our courses will guide educators how to connect and motivate students so that no student is left behind. They will also learn how to deal with students and colleagues in distress and create an optimum learning environment for all.

Who should attend?

CEO, Educators, School Principal, Deans, Administrators, Curriculum Designer, Allied Educators, Discipline Masters, School Counsellors, Teachers, Tutors, Vocational School Instructors, Kindergarten Teachers, PTA representative etc.

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