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PCM® Profile

Key to Me Profile

An ideal tool for recruitment, workplace coaching and counselling and employee promotion appraisal, this individualized report identifies not only a person’s potential failure patterns, but also why they might occur and how you can navigate them into potential success patterns. It will cover topics such as personality structure and types, character strengths, contact perception, channels of communication, motivators for personal and professional success, distress patterns and suggested action plans to quality lifestyle.

Key to Me Student Profile

This profile report identifies base and phase using more ‘child accessible’ language for the ‘thinker, believer, feeler, dreamer, funster, and doer’ personality type. The teacher’s compatibility and outreach is highlighted. Psychological motivations of a teacher for each personality type is shown. How to motivate the student is outlined, along with normal and severe distress sequences. The student’s success and prevention plan is presented, as well as a two-page summary of areas to utilize and avoid.

Key to Me for Educators Profile

This inventory report identifies  personality type, phase, and the structure of the person, with individualized information about: character strengths, the way the person views the world and others, how the person views education and learning, psychological needs and motivational predispositions, and distress sequences of self‐sabotaging behaviours.

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