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SkillsFuture Festival 2018
(Download our SFF2018 E-Info Booklet HERE)

Talk Description

[SFF2018] “Mom, Dad, Here’s How You Can Reach Out To Me”

We recognize the importance of family units within a community and society. The strength of the society lies in the cohesiveness within a family.

So, this talk focuses on inculcating positive parent-child interaction using Process Communication Model® (PCM®).

Talk Objectives

In this introductory workshop, parents will discover their children’s character strength from their personality.  In stressful situations children abandon learned behaviour, resulting in predictable distress sequence.

The good news is that parents can use the PCM® toolkit to manage distress behaviors, effectively U-turning their children’s negative traits back to positive communication and take steps to strengthen the bond of family relationship.

Seminar Details

Fee: Fully funded by LearnSeed Fund, hence, FREE

Dates (please select one):
a. Friday, 20 July 18
b. Saturday, 28 July 18
c. Sunday, 5 August 18

c/o STC, 91 Bencoolen St., #06-04, Sunshine Plaza, S189652

Talk Hours: 2 pm to 5 pm

Maximum number of seats per intake:
30 participants

Registration Details: To register online, visit https://pcm4u.com/highlights/.  Choose the date of your choice and click on it.  You will receive a confirmation email upon us receiving your details.

Who Should Attend:

Grand-parents, Parents, Single Parents, Guardians, Social Workers, Counselors

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