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How PCM Started

In 1971, Dr. Taibi Kahler discovered that human behaviour could be decoded objectively literally second by second as being either productive (communication) or non-productive (miscommunication).

Dr. Kahler also created the Personality Pattern Inventory (PPI), a statistically validated psychometric assessment that identifies 6 distinct personality types, each with particular characteristics – contact perception, character strengths, management styles, preferred social environment, phase personality, drivers, authentic emotions, failure patterns, motivators, psychological games and distress behaviours.

For this discovery, the International Transactional Analysis Association awarded Dr. Kahler the 1977 Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award – given for the most significant scientific discovery in the field of psychology.

Dr Taibi Kahler

From 1978-1996, Dr. Kahler worked with Dr. Terence McGuire from NASA, to incorporate PCM® into the astronaut selection, evaluation, team training and management processes.

Today, PCM® efficacy is recognized by the education, social work, psychology, defence, animation, healthcare, aviation, call centers, legal, service, financial and in high risk-high stress environment and more.

The benefits of PCM® are instantaneous: increase awareness about yourself and proactively engage with people within your circle of influence.

Who We Are

PCM Consulting Pte Ltd offers in-house and public courses on personality based communication, team-trust, behavioural leadership, and motivational courses anchored on Dr. Taibi Kahler’s ground breaking work on Process Communication Model®.

Meet The Team

THOMAS LAI, Director of PCM Consulting, is a certified PCM® & PCM® for Educator trainer with Kahler Communications Inc., USA.

A certified ACTA trainer from IAL, Thomas is also a trained Motivational Interviewing (MI) facilitator.

Over the past 25 years, clients from 20 industries from Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore have benefited from his expertise in Customer Engagement, Survival Skills series, EQ, Body Language Analysis, MI, TA and PCM®.

Bringing more than 15 years of administrative and secretarial experience gained from the retail, semiconductor and education industry, NOOR-JAMILAH BTE RAMLIi, was ex-PA cum workforce welfare and training administrator.

Now, a Japan-certified clay instructor and clay floral designer, trainer cum entrepreneur, she uses her clayart skills for her teambuilding activities.  Jamilah received her ACTA in 2006, awarded by the Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore.

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